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Reasons to Avoid Dating a Workaholic

In this busy world we live in, many of us have become a workaholic. While that might not look like a bad thing, the negative consequences of being a workaholic are.

So what are these negative consequences I speak of, you may ask? These are the exact same consequences that make dating a workaholic not much of a great idea. Here are some of them:

  • Workaholics are so compelled to work, they will neglect you.

Some workaholics even neglect themselves because they are so driven by their work. This has been explained before in a guide on dating and seduction, so you should know by now. You will have no place in their busy lives, even if they say you do. For them, work is always on the first place, family, friends and you – the dear little boyfriend – will always be second.

  • They will hardly ever help you.

No matter what you need from them – help in the household or carrying groceries, the workaholic will put work over your needs and wishes. You are better off asking help from a toddler than from a workaholic woman; at least the toddler will genuinely care about you and your wellbeing.

  • They will pay no attention to you.

When they are working of thinking about working, you should never expect to receive any attention at all. They will fully concentrate on their job and will not take part in any social activities like going out or meeting friends. Here’s the deal. If you want to keep your woman happy, pay attention to her. Workaholics may lack this trait. That’s just about it. Simple.

  • They’re unhealthy.

Workaholics don’t take care of themselves, or at least, not well enough. And to try to have a relationship with someone that microwaves everything in order to save time, will end in a disaster.  They live a mostly sedentary lifestyle and they will drag you into it. You will often end up being a stress dummy for them, which will cause huge tensions in the relationship. They stress will negatively impact both of you; making your bodies suffer from high blood pressure, headaches or even migraines

In the end, it is just a waste of time, and eventually workaholics may get rejected by women in the end because they can ruin a relationship.

But it’s often not what the workaholic does bring home that will lead to the unavoidable breakup, its more what the workaholic does not bring home: a warm personality and a clear mind, a real person to talk to and have fun with, a real date where she will have all of her attention for you.

If you still think the workaholic you have set your eyes on is worth the trouble, by all means, give it a shot. You can try counseling or having an intervention if her lifestyle is getting so bad it crossed the line. Or maybe a nice holiday can reset her mind and you might be able to talk to her about how you feel the relationship is going and where it is headed too if this behavior persist. But don’t be too disappointed if your lover chooses her work over you, it’s the workaholic’s nature to do so. See Sonic Seduction website

5 Fashion Accessories that Every Guy Should Have

If you think you don’t need an accessory just because you’re a guy, then you’re clearly thinking wrong. You cannot possibly be thinking that just because you’re an adult male being you can get away with playing around with some things to spice up your usual outfit.

Oh don’t give me that look! I am not talking about all the fancy-shmancy glitzy bling that Kanye West or Justin Beiber wears. Heck, I am not even talking about the pseudo-classy guy accessories that Nick Cannon wears on his shows. Don’t expect to get a girlfriend by wearing accessories though. If you would like a surefire way how, then you should read how to get a girlfriend (a guide from

I’m talking about the accessories that every average, single guy should wear to add to his level of attractiveness – especially if you are dating Miss Popular – and I’m talking about accessories that he can totally sport no matter what age he is (as long as he is single):


Sunnies create an air of mystery.

  • Sunglasses – you may not have to be concealed from the paparazzi but you can always find a good reason to wear them cool sunnies. Sunglasses, the darker they are, create an aura of mystery to anyone who wears them. When buying shades, always consider three things: the shape, the size, and the UV protection. It is very important to wear the type of glasses that would complement the shape of your face. It can actually make or break your look. For example, if you have a round face, round sunnies like aviators may not be the best choice for you but you can go for the square-ish ones like wayfarers. It is also important to wear the right size of shades – bigger faces may require bigger shades lest you’ll risk making your face ‘too big’ for your shades. Always go for proportions. And lastly, make sure your sunglasses come with the right UV protection – that’s what they are for after all. (PS: no matter how ‘cool’ the stars make it seem like, wearing sunnies at night is just meh).
  • Watch – a good watch will not only keep your time in track; it will also improve the look of your entire outfit. It is good to own three types of watches to match different looks and occasions. Ideally, a man should have a go-to leather watch for those formals and semi-formals, a sporty watch for swimming and other outdoor sports, and lastly, a metal one for any-day wear. Keep your watches in tiptop shape by replacing the batteries regularly and making sure the bracelets are away from moisture and heat.
  • Wallet – a classy guy will not keep his loose change, cash and cards in his pockets. Other than this is very inconvenient, it can easily ruin any outfit. Just imagine walking around in your fancy new trousers with your coins dangling making every head turn – in a very ugly way. Always keep a good, light and slim wallet that you can easily slip in your pockets. Make sure they have enough compartments for your cards and cash, and maybe a small pocket for your change.

Make sure your tie complements the color of your shirt or you’ll end up looking ridiculous.

  • Ties – every guy must have some go-to ties for every occasion. Classy choices for ties include those dark, block hues that would easily blend in with a lighter shirt and coat, but there should also be brighter days with brighter hues on ties. Also have some ties with classy prints but avoid the tacky ones. Keep your love for Superman in your boxers; tacky prints can ruin an entire outfit. Make sure your tie of choice compliments the color of your shirt – it should not stand nor drown out but be the perfect match.
  • Clutch bag – what does a man need when he goes out anyway? Some cash, his cards, his license, a Swiss knife? Oh some breath mints would not hurt too. When buying a clutch bag, go for leather or patent leather and avoid printed ones or ones made of cloth or cloth-like fiber. Plastic looks too tacky either. When buying a leather clutch bag, make sure it matches the rest of the leather items in your outfit. Buy the right size too; it would be too difficult to clutch something that’s too tiny for your muscular arms.

Accessorizing for men is necessary, not only because you want to please someone but because it makes you feel better about yourself. So, let go of your qualms and get your first accessory!

Dating Miss Popular

She’s a head turner. She’s a total star. She can suck in all the air in the room and she could get all the attention in a minute. And there is hardly anyone who does not know her. Yes, she’s Miss Popular and the world moves in slow motion when she walks in. Or at least that’s how you imagine things are.

Oh, and you’re so lucky to be dating her.


If you’re dating a popular girl you need an extra amount of confidence.

If you’re looking for a trophy girl, someone that you date just to drag and brag around, this may be the best opportunity for you. This may in fact be the best thing that could ever happen to your dating life – dating the most popular girl at school or at the workplace. This may seem like a natural ‘birthright’ for the naturally popular guys but if you’re less than popular, and you’re not used to the idea of being popular, this may be a bit more challenging than you think.

If you’re dating the most popular girl around and you feel less than confident around her, here are some tips that may help you move around more comfortably and more easily with your Miss Popular:

  • Increase your confidence by making yourself better. What makes you feel better about yourself? Lack of confidence is one reason why women reject men. Who would like to date a wimp? Do you think you need to dress better? Do you need to improve your stance? Or the way you walk? Whether it’s something internal or external, an improvement done to yourself will not fail to make you feel so much better about yourself. No, it’s not about doing it to impress her or doing it to feel more ‘worthy’ about dating such ‘prominent’ lady in the eyes of the people who know you both; you’re doing it because you want to be feel better about yourself.
  • Be proud of who you have. One way to feel more comfortable about dating a really popular and beautiful girl is to be proud of what and who you have. Not everyone you know gets that chance and opportunity to be dating the girl everyone covets and you are getting it, you are enjoying it. Best of all, you are the envy of a lot of men around you and I believe you’ve just earned their and many other women’s respect over your chance at being the honorary Mr Popular. Bask in the moment, son!
  • Always be your best self and don’t mind what everyone else says. This is one of the techniques on getting a girl. So you’re no Brad Pitt to be dating your very own Angeline Jolie. SO what? What matters is that you are the very best version of yourself. And that’s what matters. To hell with what everyone says! At the end of the day, it will be between you and Miss Popular and everyone else outside of it could eat their own words. Live your relationship by your rules and don’t mind what everyone else says because they don’t matter.

Finally, do not let your fear and insecurity take you over. You’re amazing too, you know! And Miss Popular has seen exactly that so go ahead and enjoy your very popular date! *Wink*

Signs that Your Girlfriend is Happy (And How to Keep Her That Way)

Have you always asked yourself whether your girlfriend is happy and satisfied with you? Do you want to know how well a boyfriend you have been? More than just for reasons of vanity and narcissism, the very reason why a man would want to know whether or not his ladylove is happy is out of love. Naturally, you’d want to know that your efforts are well worth it because it does what it’s supposed to: make her happy.


A happy woman is a happy relationship.

So to help out your ego, here are some telltale signs that you have a happy lady in your ward:

  • She tells you that she’s happy. Some girls are just so open they don’t need to be asked. You know your girl is happy if she blurts out how happy she is randomly. Her reaction after getting a big, shiny bling is not a good indicator; it’s a natural high. What I’m talking about is when you guys are cuddling quietly or just having some random conversation and she says she’s happy with you, believe it man. Believe it for it is real.
  • She happily serves you. Whether it’s a sandwich after every sexy time, or preparing your bath for you every morning, or learning your favorite recipe for you, one of the best ways that a woman shows her happiness in a relationship is by service. If she does one extra mile for you today, you must have done something good. If she does it to you regularly, you have been giving her a reason to love you more and more and more.
  • She is less moody with you. Women are moody – that’s natural. Surprisingly, they also find moody men more attractive than happy men. But I digress… But when a woman is fully, totally, ultimately happy especially with her relationship, her happy hormones are more predominant than her sad stressful hormones. She does not pick up PMS fights, she gets mad at you only for a reason and it’s never lingering, and she is generally in a great mood with you even when everything else around her is crappy, you are doing a great thing.
  • You can see it in the way she looks at you. The eyes, truly, are the windows to one’s soul. There’s a loving, lingering, bright look in a woman’s eyes when she’s happy. It’s almost like her eyes are smiling when you look at her. When you can see this randomly, you have a happy lady right there.

How to Keep Her Happy

How to keep a lady happy varies from one woman to another. But in general, you can count that you can always make her happy with the following:

  • Stay loyal. Nothing beats loyalty in making a woman happy.
  • Remind her that you love her as much as you can. Look into her eyes when telling her that you love her.
  • Compliment her. This always works.
  • Take her on random dates. Surprise her even without occasion.
  • Kiss passionately. Cuddle more often.
  • Remember important dates – including PMS and period weeks.

If these don’t work, do yourself a favor. Review your lessons in meeting new women. SIBG techniques on how to pick up girls always work wonders!

Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Women and rejection, for the unfortunate members of the male breed, come together too often in a sentence. Some men, naïve as they are, just could not come find success in women. Is it their choice of women, or is it because they are in themselves unlikeable?

Rejection has turned the mightiest of men to live with the heart of a mouse – small, timid, insecure, and lost. A woman’s NO can possibly put down an entire army just the same way that her yes could launch a war.

But why do women reject men?

Here are some of the most common reasons why women say no to some men, and how to tell when a rejection is oncoming (and possibly avoid it before it hits you and deflates your ego):


There are reasons why women reject men. Sometimes, it’s not about you, but about a personal experience.

  • You’re just not her type. Ouch, did that come out too strongly and too straightforward? This is the most common reason why girls reject guys (and quite frankly, the same reason why guys never call back after a date too, so even steven). The first signs of these are lack of interest in you or the things you talk about, incompatibility on so many things, and your inability to keep her attention – no matter what you do.
  • She’s taken. Some girls say it, others don’t. Rejection of this kind is easy to spot. It is so easy to spot that in fact, you should never have tried making advances on her in the first place! Her mind is preoccupied, she’s always on her phone, and she never goes out on dates. Oh, and she may actually refer to you as ‘buddy’ or ‘champ’ or ‘friend’ but never as anything outside of it.
  • She has not moved on from a past relationship. Some women just find it hard to move on from past relationships. That, or that past love was her biggest yet. This type of rejection has the same telltale signs as those with taken women. They do not open themselves to other men as far as dating is concerned because their hearts are still practically ‘taken’ by that past love. And most likely, she isn’t keen on going out at night. In such case, here’s a handy guide on how to meet women during the day.
  • She has been badly wounded. Trauma to the heart is one of the most difficult things to get over from. If someone has hurt her so badly in the past, chances are, she won’t be open to getting hurt again. Women who are in this type of situation need to see someone willing to prove his worth to her. These women reject men in general – they abhor the presence of testosterone. They are pessimistic about men. And they’d block you off right from the start.
  • You did not quite make a good impression on her. Or her friends don’t like you that much. It could be the super lame pickup line, or the spaghetti stain on your shirt, or the traces of female fragrance on you before meeting up with her on a date. For whatever way you failed, you have done something that seemed distasteful to her. They are the types who start out okay and interested with you but suddenly turn a cold shoulder bit by bit (or rapidly for some).

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Hey! Happy anniversary champion! Whether it’s your 1st or your 51st, your anniversaries are an indication that you’ve lasted long enough together for a milestone! Congratulate yourself – it means you’ve been strong enough to stick and stay.

But of course, what better way to commemorate this eventful moment in your relationship than a sweet little date and a gift that she will eternally remember? Oh, that and will eternally remind her of your sweetness, creativity, and undying love for her.

Here are some ideas for anniversary gifts that range from classy to quirky to sexy to touching and everything in between:

  • A photo collage or mosaic. No honey, unfortunately for you Lazy Bum, I was not talking about Instagram collages and all the magic stuff that your smart phones can do. I’m talking about a collage that you’ve worked on yourself – a photo testimony of all the things you’ve been through together, of all your sweet and happy memories and a sweet little message. Or if you have the big bucks, bring in the big guns and commission someone to make a grand photo mosaic! Have it framed and voila! A scrapbook would also be a good alternative to this. Can’t do it yourself? Pay someone to do it, or bribe your little sister.
  • A cruise. Ahh yes. Do it a la Jack and Rose sans the Iceberg. Give her a kind of love as deep as the deepest ocean. Go on a cross across the country, or go all the way with a foreign cruise. You don’t have to do much except enjoy – the expensive cruise ship and all its amazing amenities will do the job for you. A good alternative? A romantic cross country drive or sailing in a yacht.

If you have the budget, by all means, take her to a cruise!

  • Jewelry. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Nothing has since changed that. This is classy and very, very safe. Careful about this though; unless you are planning on proposing to her, stick with a full set or some pearl earrings and avoid the ring if you do not want to be misunderstood.
  • A date at a very memorable or iconic location. It could be your city’s landmark, the Eiffel tower if you can afford it, or the place where you first met. Set up the sweetest date and be in cahoots with the people in the area (or your friends if that is not possible) to help you out. You could hire some musicians, fill the area with flowers and go extremely sweet. Impossible to achieve? Relive the moment by transforming your room into one of your location of choice!
  • A video message. This is especially special for emotional girlfriends. With your smartphone, some video editing software and a lot of love, you can make your woman gush with emotions on your anniversary. Record a video that chronicles the last N years of your relationship, a short message or a poem for her (a song would do too!) and some messages from your common friends and families – wrap it up with you own promise for her in the coming years of your relationship and voila! Cannot afford a full video? Get your hands dirty and make your own stick man story book that tells your love story. Make sure you end it with ‘and they lived happily ever after’ – girls dig that!

If you need more ideas, here are 7 ways to wow your partner on your anniversary.

In anything – especially relationships, quality should always beat quantity. So never mind if it is not the most expensive gift in the world; as long as you touched her heart and renewed your promise of love for her on your anniversary, you’ve given her the most precious gift. Happy anniversary!


To get more tips on dating, go here.

Classy Man’s Guide to Canceling a Date

Canceling a date is NEVER appropriate and is never okay. It’s one thing to know how to ask a girl out and get her to agree, and another to CANCEL it. As a woman, the only thing that could make it valid is a life or death situation. But then again, there just are things that are beyond our control that forces us to postpone a date – sickness, some home emergency, last minute meeting at work or client troubles that you just cannot hold out, gut feel, or just plain sudden realization that you both are going to have a bad time together.

Seriously, we all have that I-am-feeling-under-my-emotional-weather thing going every now and then with certain dates. And to cancel a date – nicely – would be a better, more logical option than pushing through with date plans that you know you could hardly stand.


Cancelling a date should be done in the most mannered, most gentlemanly way possible.

But that does not make it an excuse to do it rudely or ungentlemanly! And it it especially difficult if her friends don’t like you lest you be branded a jerk. Here are some tips on how to cancel a date (a) without being offensive to the lady, and (b) without being caught in a dismal lie. Here are my tips on how most women would want their dates to be canceled: the classy man’s guide to canceling a date:

  • Do it ahead of time. Whatever your reason is, do NOT do it at the last minute, when she’s all but ready to leave the house. Or worse, when she’s already at the appointed date location just waiting for you. Don’t do it when she’s already been sitting alone at the bar for the past 45 minutes! Have the decency to burst her bubble while it’s still small. I’m not sure if it is okay to cancel through text, but I am against it.
  • Say that you’re sorry for canceling and actually mean it! Sure you’re not sorry you don’t have to sit awkwardly together at the restaurant. Sure you’re not sorry that you won’t have to spend the night wishing for alien abduction just to get away from the awkwardness of the date. And sure you should not be sorry for saving her from possible bad memories from the most boring or most un-fun date in the history of the human race! But be sorry because in essence, you’ve wasted each other’s time. And be sincere about it. Nothing is un-classier than a man who says sorry through his nose.
  • Don’t say you are going to make up for it. Don’t say it because you won’t do it, because you don’t want to do it, and because lying is bad. It’s similar to saying ‘I’ll call you’ after a bad date and throwing her number at the closest river you find.
  • Choose your words wisely. ‘Hey, Girl, I am afraid I cannot make it tonight.’ For whatever alibi you choose to use, make sure it’s fool proof, and that in essence, it somehow says that you just are not willing to go that way. ‘I am so sorry for all this. I know, such bad timing. Sure, take care, okay? And again, I am really deeply sorry’. Be tactful, not tacky.

Even with these tips, I cannot assure you that she will love you for it. But that’s never been the intention in the first place anyway. At least you’ve done it in the most mannered, most gentlemanly way possible (or at least attempted to)!

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Boost Your Dating and Love Life

Have you ever found yourself wanting to live a healthier lifestyle but just could not find any motivation to do so? Does the thought of giving up your double cheeseburger-soda float-fries and alcohol-ciggies lifestyle make you cringe in fear as if it were a death sentence? Or are you looking for some good ways to improve your overall dating status and your love life?

Here are some benefits of living a healthier lifestyle to your dating life:


Regular workout gives you stamina boost making you last longer in bed.

  • Improved stress management

Healthier people are happier – with regular workout providing healthier levels of oxytocin or happy hormones in the brain, stress is much easier to manage. With less stress baggage, you’d look fresher, less haggard, and generally more pleasant. And women love a happy company.

  • Better bowel movement

Have you ever gone to work with constipation? Did you notice how grumpy you were the whole day? Well, with a healthier diet of fruits and vegetables and less saturated fat, your bowels are bound to improve and so does your mood. With a better mood, also according to, you can more easily enjoy your conversations when out on a date or flirt around single women more easily.

  • Improved blood circulation

Regular exercise, healthier diet – all these contribute to a generally happier and much healthier heart. And when your heart is working at its optimum, your blood circulation is also impressive. That makes for healthier body functions, including and especially your reproductive body functions. Yes, better sex.

  • Better sex

And speak of better sex, regular workout gives you stamina boost making you last longer in bed. This is actually a cycle because sex can also improve your health! Talk about win-win.

  • Clearer skin

Acne breakouts, uneven skin tone, dry and rough skin, impurities on the face and neck – most of these are lifestyle-related skin problems. And they can be corrected by changing habits. An improved, less oily diet and regular sweating at the gym to go along with a more hygienic approach to your manly skin can all help make your skin look clean, nice and healthy. And yes, more attractive to women.

  • Better moods

Ditching the late night partying and booze and ciggies for regular 8-hour sleeping time will work wonders not only to your face (bye-bye dark circles around the eyes and dry skin) but also to your mood. Getting your required healthy dosage of Z’s will improve your overall mood and will give you less grumpy days – and your girlfriend would love you more for that.

  • More savings

The moment you lessen your alcohol nights, and quit smoking, you’ll realize you’ll have more money to spend on other things. You can buy your girlfriend gifts with the money that you’d have spent on your lights. Or, you can invest in fancier looking clothes to wear for dates on money you’d have spared for your regular 12 cans of beers for your home stash.

  • Improved confidence

You’re healthier, you’re happier, you’re not worried about your weight, and you’re definitely not worried about smelling like a chimney on a date. Overall, your confidence level is at an all time high. What more could you ask for?

Have I now convinced you to start living the healthy life, if only for a healthier love life?

How to Handle an Emotional Girlfriend

Women being more emotional than men is practically the same thing that explains why women need to take a piss more often in a day than men do: it’s a physical thing. It’s something about the shape and size of the female amygdale that makes the look on a baby’s eyes get us teary. It’s hormones, to be exact.

But while we girls are naturally on the emotional side, generally speaking, there just are certain days when we cannot hold it in. It could be PMS (more common), stress at work, or just plain self insecurity. For whatever reason it is, you as the boyfriend will be affected by it one way or another, directly or indirectly. You may even be a cause for it. Actually, more commonly yes, you are a cause for a woman’s being emotional.

Fact: Women are more prone to emotional stress.

Fact: Women are more prone to emotional stress.

As we all know, there are many different types of emotions and apparently, too, there are different ways of being emotional. And just the same –there are a world of ways to handle each one.

When she’s annoyed

When a woman is annoyed, she will nag. Or bang things. However way she is, trust that it will likely not be silent. When she’s annoyed at something, the last thing you’d want to do is make her shut up or try to calm her down. Let her talk. Don’t argue. Just listen. And yes, let her walk out. When she calms down, you can then try to approach her about it.

When she’s angry

The true measure of a woman’s anger is silence. You’ll know she is beyond her patience limit when she shuts up. At this point, she has probably run out of things to say to you or to whatever she’s angry about. Just like when she is annoyed, wait for her to calm down. If it’s not you she’s mad about, give her a glass of wine to soothe her nerves and wait for her to muster the courage to talk about it without getting desperately angry. If she’s mad at you, let her have her time to wallow in that anger before trying to talk to her. A woman needs a lot of time for herself when she’s beaming with anger.

When she’s about to cry

More often than not, a woman does not like to talk about what’s making her cry. She needs time to process her thoughts and emotions altogether and just hug her. Sometimes girls cry because we’re scared. Other times because we’re extremely hurt. And sometimes, still, it’s because we’re angry. The best thing to do is not to get her to talk about what’s making her cry but to simply give her a warm hug. If her friends don’t like you, don’t pressure her. That’s just all it needs sometimes to make her feel better.

Ultimately, for just about every emotional fit with your girlfriend, the best answer is to let her be. Let her cry, let her scream, let her nag, let her stay quiet. Let her talk when she’s ready. It may also help if you go easy on how to flirt with girls. And as my own fiancé has learned overtime, don’t take whatever she says at the fit of her emotions too seriously. What  girls say afterwards is more reliable.