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Hello, Barrett here. This is my first blog post here at TwitterTipsCentral, and I hope you enjoy it! :)

Once you know the secrets to seducing women like a true pro (or like me, haha!), you will never look back. The fact is that most guys are completely clueless about dating and love – as a result, their relationship with women suffers greatly. The reality is that dating should not be hard – it seems difficult because most men are deliberately misled by self-proclaimed dating gurus who are just out there to make money.

I am in the “name-and-shame” game: these charlatan dating gurus are:- Roger Aseki Sanborn, Wild Goose McKennan and Panchad Ricky Mahendren. I have followed these gurus for the past ten years with nothing to show, until I stumbled upon this resource known as seductionFAQ (can be found at My life has not been same since (and it has changed for the better). Read on to discover how I did it and changed from being an average frustrated chump (or “AFC” in the common seduction lexicon) to a suave player who gets phone numbers in 15 minutes or even less…

How To Seduce Women And Make Them Love You

Picture of a woman seduced

Want the best knowledge on how to seduce women? Well, continue reading this blog article…

My seduction game completely changed when I discovered (or rather, told by my seduction master) that virtually all seduction theory is based on female psychology. I then started a Master’s course in hypnosis and psychology at University of Alberta in Canada, as well as buying a bunch of psychology and persuasion books by Robert Greene, John Grinder (founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP) and Cheow Kien Yin (the famous Eastern philosopher who also happened to be a rather good looking fat man). I soon started to completely master this particular piece of knowledge and applied to my seduction game. The results were fantastic.

Secondly, I started to read less and get out more. I soon realized that I learn more from doing than reading some random blogs online (like for example). So if you want to know the secrets on how to seduce women successfully then you have got to stop spending your time online and start hitting the night spots. Sure, you will get rejected, but once you figured out how to play this game then getting phone numbers will be super trivial to you.

Remember to get connected to the guys who are also in the same position as you. Get a good wingman – he is worth his weight in gold. Also, get him to observe you when you are approaching women – and get him to feedback to you on these factors:-

  • Body language
  • Opening line
  • The woman’s response
  • Time spent approaching
  • Ways to improve, etc

If you are able to get a wing-girl then more power to you. Nothing screams “status” than a band of girls around you. Trust me on this.

So what happens next? It’s pretty simple – obey the golden rule of dating, love and seduction – always leave them better when you found them. For this reason, there are many guys who refuse to learn advanced seduction techniques such as fractionation and the October Man Sequence. I am neutral on this.

Latest update: Learning how to meet women can be tough, but with the right resources you will be ahead of the curve in no time at all. Go to and you’ll find a wealth of resources on dating and seducing women at your fingertips.

Good luck!

BARRETT (Twitter Seduction Guru!) :)


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Latest Updates!

It has been some time since I last posted. No, I haven’t abandoned this blog, just as yet. I shall be posting a new article soon enough though. :)

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Happy new year!

May 2015 brings you and your family joy, wealth and abundance!

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Guys Night Out

I had a wonderful time last night with John, Sid and Mackie. Had ribs and then went to The Emperor Bar in Hanover (arguably the best in Vermont!) for a brew. Stroke up a relationship with the barmaid Rae – love you baby! Good luck with the Dartmouth gig!

I’ll come up with more substantial content on Twitter seduction soon – promise. Need to get over this hangover first…!


Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

It has been a year since I last blogged, I know. Been really busy with other projects, but I am now back at full swing with Meanwhile, enjoy this song –

Thank you Bon Jovi!

Update: Effective Online Dating Tips

Hello Guys!

Here’s a new update from me personally, after my last post. My dear readers, a lot of  people now even you that reading this is actually a victim of a new trend in this generation called “ONLINE DATING”.

What to do to be effective on that?

Well as I browse the internet, I saw this very interesting article.

Do take the time to get your profile right. Spend some time making sure your profile is as good as it can be and that it accurately reflects your personality.

Do concentrate on the written word. Make sure anything you publish on the net communicates the qualities you want to portray.

Do make your first message count. Ensure it reads like a personal message by mentioning a few things from the person’s profile and interests that caught your eye and made you want to get in touch. -from an article of  Huffingtonpost.

Want to know more? Always visit the site!

Hope you’re all doing fine. Best of Luck!

Why Humor is Important in Dating and How to Boost Yours

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my 20-something years of existence, more than a quarter of it spent with countless conversations with women about men, dating and relationships, I have never come close to a woman who has ever said she does not like a funny guy. Humor is always a part of every woman’s list of ideal guy characteristics.

Why? Because you can always spend the night with a handsome man, but you can hardly survive an entire day with a boring and humorless man.

Why humor is important

Here, let me break that down for you; here are the reasons why humor is an important component in your dating life:

  • Women want to be entertained and interested in conversations. No date will ever come out as an interesting and wonderful one if she spent the entire duration of your date looking at your biceps or your handsomeness.
  •  Making a woman laugh is equal to making a woman feel great and happy. If you can successfully do that, she can associate your company with happiness. In turn, and only naturally, she will want to spend more time with you.
  • Humor is the best way to break ice. Passion, physical attraction, impressiveness of your portfolio – they can only take you so much and you can hardly succeed with it as your conversation kick starter.
  • Humor and wit is a great way to mask everything else that is not so impressive about you. So you have flabs and love handles? So your hair does not agree with you 99% of the time? Or you’re not the richest man around? She won’t have time to think about that if you know how to make her laugh.

How to Boost Your Humor

But then again, men aren’t all born Jimmy Fallon’s and Seth Rogen’s or Jonah Hill’s. Others can’t even come close to being funny. So how do you boost this? How do you get into terms with your humorous side, enough to tickle your date’s funny bone? And here’s recommended resource on dating advice (for men).

Here are some tips:

  • Surround yourself with funny friends. We all have that one friend in the group who cracks us up with practically anything he does. Spend more time with him and learn his quirks.
  • Be confident and secure with yourself. One common trait about these naturally funny people is the fact that they can poke fun at themselves without worry. And that can only come from security and confidence in oneself.
  • Read, watch and explore a lot of topics. Funny people are known to be knowledgeable about a great number of things. These materials are great sources for humorous quips, so the more things you know, the more things you can joke about.
  • Be observant of the people and things around you. These are more natural and easier to use as materials for your jokes.
  • Avoid slapstick humor. It looks awkward and dorky in a totally un-adorable way. Avoid memorized jokes either. More often than not, they don’t work on your advantage and would work against you in fact.
  • Know the difference between being funny and being sarcastic. The former is good, but the latter is better reserved for people you dislike.
  • And don’t overdo things. Trying too hard makes anything lose its charm.

Thanks for visiting the site, you may also want to view my previous article. Please always keep in touch! Thanks :)

Dating a Broke Girl


Thanks for the positive feedback on my previous blog post! I really appreciate it! and here comes a new one, with tips on how to date a broke girl.

If you think dating a rich, financially stable woman was difficult, wait until you have dated a girl who’s just flat broke.1080946_24278190

Sure we all know that men are expected to pay for dates most of the time, but when you’re dating a financially-challenged woman who could not offer to pay up for anything other than a glass of water, would your dating life survive? How far could you go on dating in these situations, when you are no Prince Charming with bottomless-pitted coffers of money yourself?

Challenges in Dating a Broke Girl

The biggest challenge about dating a broke girl actually goes beyond the fact that she has almost no capacity to pitch in on dates; it actually lies in the fact that her financial situation could seriously get in the way of a budding romance. You can keep paying up for the two of you at every single date, but how much can you do when her bills are all piled up and she can hardly catch up? What can you do for her when she can hardly make up enough money for her groceries? It would take so much of her time, preoccupy her mind, and she would most likely prefer to spend her time looking for means to make up for her financial situation over spending some quality time with you. And depending on how well she handles the stresses in her life, she may not actually be that great a company all the time when she can’t help but think about all the things that she’s worrying about.

See this interesting article.

And you can’t really fully jump into her situation because you may get sucked into the worst of it and not get out. That’s some hard hitting problem right there.

How to date a Broke Girl

Given all these challenges, how do you think could you date a broke girl? Is there an easy way to make such relationship work out without having to wait for a miracle lottery win?

Here are some tips:

  • If you are more moneyed than her, the last thing you want is show it off and for two very good reasons: (1) if she’s a gold digger, you are flashing to her that you’re an eager prey; (2) if she’s a proud woman, she’d hate you for it and feel insulted by it. Either way, you’d lose so avoid doing this.
  • Help her find a job. This is not only your way of actually helping her; you’d also get to see her character. See, some people are broke because they insist on living a lifestyle that they can’t afford and pretend to be rich while refusing to work for it. But be careful about bringing this up so you don’t end up insulting her.
  • Keep your dates low-key. Stay-at-home dates aren’t all that bad. Cook food in her or your apartment and enjoy nothing else but just the company of each other.
  • Forget about giving her expensive gifts even when you can afford it and even when she deserves it. Don’t pressure her into matching it or making her feel bad about the fact that she cannot afford anything close to it.
  • Offer your moral support in everything. She will have her ups and downs, and she will be in tons of bad days and worse days and the only thing you can do is really, really be there for her in everything.

Do you need advice on long distance relationships? Click here.

How to Appease Her Jealousy

Greetings Everyone,

Hello guys, this B again. New post, new tips for all of you. Don’t forget to also read the previous post. Enjoy reading!

Between the sexes, the females are believed to be the more jealous kind. I beg to disagree. I think men and women are fairly jealous; women are just more vocal about it. But in this discussion about appeasing the jealous, who is more jealous is inconsequential. Because this is going to be about appeasing the jealous woman – something that all men should know but unfortunately don’t. (Or at least the greater male population doesn’t).

Appease Her Jealousy

640245_45771769See, the thing about jealousy is that it can come with a warning, and it can come unannounced. But certainly, I tell you, it is almost always unwelcome. She can get jealous when someone mentions your ex to you out of the blue; she can get jealous about the way you smiled at the girl at the McDonald’s counter; she can even get jealous just because. The cause of her jealousy determines the gravity of the emotion, and therefore also determines how difficult or easy it should be to appease her.

So here’s a thing or two to learn about appeasing a jealous woman. It takes effort, yes. But in this case, the sooner, the swifter, the better and more efficient you are at appeasing her jealousy. Here are some tips:

  • Be affectionate. There’s almost nothing that a good, warm hug or a fat kiss cannot fix. Yes, it can even go as far as fixing a jealous woman’s heart. So when she’s feeling jealous about her dreaming about you kissing the sexy lady next door, or jealous about that random mall passerby that gave you a flirty look, look into her eyes, smile, and kiss her on the forehead. Sometimes, that’s all that we women will ever need.
  • Show/Tell her how proud you are of her. What makes women jealous is when we are threatened by something or somebody (but mostly somebody; we can understand work or hobby most of the time). And if this happens, it might need you to show her that you are proud to belong to her, that you are so freaking proud to have her around. So squeeze her hand more tightly in public; tell her how lucky you feel about having her, and maybe even surprise her with a couple shirt to wear for your next date. That will tell her that you’re making an effort to ward off the women who are trying to get you from her.

Here’s a conversation starters (some tips from :)

  • Make it up to her. So you talked a little too long with the lady at the gas station. Or you had to drive miles on end to send your ex that one important thing she badly needs. Naturally, though, your girlfriend went a little overboard berserk. When this happens, you have to do something sweet, memorable, and awesome to make her like you back. Remember, the worse the reason for her jealousy is, the bigger the gesture you should show.

Gentlemen, there is no other nor better way to say this but it takes more than ‘don’t get jealous’ to make her undo her jealousy. And getting mad at her for it won’t work. Try my simple but effective tips and you’ll see wonder unfold before your very eyes. Maybe not, but trust me this will work.